My Story 

 Hi, I am Harmony!

I am a RYT200  Meditative Yin Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide, Soul Awareness Mentor, Intuitive Tarot Reader,  and Reiki Master Teacher.

My passion is bringing women to-gather as sisters on a path of healing to

re-member who we truly are!

I believe when in our highest expression the divine feminine truly has the power to change The World!

I help women through soul awareness coaching which includes yoga asana, yoga philosophy, and meditation, diving deep into the emotional, mental, and physical body. Yin Yoga classes, as well as retreats and seasonal circles, are my favorite ways to help guide you back home to your highest self. I also have a deep Soul Love for astrology, finding shadow and light through our birth chart as well as consciously living by the phases of the moon and all the elements of the natural world.  

I am here to show you just how powerful you are to manifest the life you've always dreamed of!

 I, like most, have quite a history of unhealed trauma which led me to live a life that felt like darkness. I spent many years struggling with depression and anxiety along with health and weight issues. I could feel something in me longing to break free. What that feeling meant, I did not know. I just knew there was more for me in life.

I always loved yoga so I decided to attend a class for the first time in years. I ended up being the last one walking into class and having to be right in the middle of the room. With my anxiety issues, this wasn't a good place to be. There I stood completely insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin. I looked ahead into the mirror at my body feeling ashamed of who I was. Emotionally and physically not having the strength I barely made it through the class. I practically ran out when class ended. Driving home with so many tears streaming down my face I could hardly see the road. How did I even become this girl who couldn't get through a yoga class?  Will I be this broken lost version of myself forever? I was feeling more despair than I thought could handle when I noticed the beauty of the area I was driving through.  A huge dark lake and tall green trees lined with granite boulders. My tears stopped as  I took a deep breath. I felt a strength from within fill my body almost as if the water, the tress, and the rocks spoke through me and said you are going back and you will keep going back.

And so I did.

It wasn't easy by any means. There were many times I fell back into old patterns until I grew stronger. Many twists and turns as I searched for someone who could help me nurture this thing I couldn't put into words.  I found my way through reading and recognizing little signs from the divine that led me to mentors who helped change my life. My emotional and physical body began to heal. My intuition grew stronger as I had discovered so many gifts hidden beneath the layers of pain my body held.  I eventually found my way to becoming a yoga instructor which opened doors to practicing and teaching energy healing. I now find myself with a burning desire to assist others on their path to self-discovery.